The Immersion Workshop with Mary Ann Winiger is for those of you who wish to embark on a journey of discovery.  It is an awakening process that you experience in the body itself. Our time together is not about learning Human Design; it is about entering a place within yourself where you can experience in your form the simple mechanics of your nature.

During these three days, we will delve deeply into the simple and how it pertains to each individual personally. This time together is a real opportunity to experience live Human Design and to go deeply into yourself as well as experience correct interaction with others. This gives you a chance to step out of your life as you know it. It is a chance to step out of the old patterns of behavior with family, lovers, friends and co-workers and dive deeply into yourself.  Immerse yourself in an environment where you are supported and empowered to discover and experiment with the mechanics of you so that you can experience who you are in a new way.

At the end of each day, take this new awareness with you as you interact with the public and each other. It is important to remember that this is an experiment. It is not about „doing it right“ – because there is no right!  It is about becoming more aware.

This workshop is open to everyone – you are invited if you are new to Human Design or if you have studied Human Design for years.

Transformation is not about how much you know – it is about living who you are.

Would you like to participate?


4-6 July 2020 (Saturday – Monday) from 10:00 to 17:00h; Registration starts at 09:00h on 04th July;


Bulgaria, Sofia, Hotel City Avenue, 49 Osogovo str.

Special price:

350/380 EUR


Petya Blagoeva
+359 889 371936

Mary Ann is a 6/2 Pure Generator born on the Left Angle Cross of the Alpha. She has lived three full cycles off the roof and has great wisdom about how Human Design can transform you, your relationships and your life. She brings the depth of her own experiment – she was one of the first people to actually take the information from her reading with Ra and jump into living the experiment. She knows first-hand how difficult and shattering this process can be. The Human Design experiment can turn your whole life upside down, but it is this that brings your rebirth. You can finally live who you were born to be.

Mary Ann will be coming to Bulgaria to offer an experiential workshop she calls “Immersion”.  She has been giving Immersions all over the world for over 15 years. The Immersion in Bulgaria will be from July 4-6, 2020.

Mary Ann Winiger has been deeply involved in Human Design for 25 years. Her entire Human Design education was from Ra Uru Hu directly. Mary Ann is a licensed Human Design Analyst with additional certification in Family analysis, Partnership analysis, Life Cycle analysis, she is also an IHDS certified LYD Guide, Rave ABC’s Teacher, Rave Cartography Teacher and is certified to train LYD Guides.

Mary Ann Winiger has lived a diverse life spending many years in the corporate world and in the world of ashrams where she extensively studied eastern spirituality and philosophy. She is the author of ‘A Revolution of One’, (recently translated into Bulgarian) which is a compelling account of her personal journey and transformation using Human Design knowledge to change her life.

Mary Ann was the previous Director of Human Design America and has many self-study workshops  still available on her website:  Although she retired in December 2018 she still responds to occasional Immersions.

She has been teaching and giving Human Design workshops for over two decades. She has a down-to-earth approach and a knack for making complicated knowledge simple.